• Remembrance Jewellery is simply the most personal, meaningful way to remember a loved one...

    Place a small amount of ashes or other keepsake inside the pendant and they’ll always remain close to your heart.

Always Remembered offers a unique way of cherishing Special Memories.

​We have a wide range of Remembrance Jewellery with a small compartment that can hold the ashes of a lost loved one or a lost 4 paw family member, a small lock of hair, grains of sand from a special place and more.

​We also offer designing and printing of brochures, bookmarks, invitations and flyers for any memorial service or occasion.

We do enlarged photo printing of all sizes as well as enlarged canvas prints, engraving on any chosen flat surfaced items, personalized vinyl coffin wrapping and so much more…

Remembrance Jewellery

Keep Sake Urns


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